When was the last time you allowed yourself to turn your life off of
“Automatic Pilot” and take the time to actually “Listen to Yourself”?

People are often so caught up being busy in their lives, that they spend very little, if any,  of their time just allowing themselves to slow down mentally, emotionally and physically to allow new thoughts to enter their brains and give themselves something new to think about.
Like, new possibilities for their life.
Learning the significance of this Practice of Listening to Myself has become one of the greatest positive influences of change in my life.

Here is just one personal example:
Before I chose to leave my 20-year corporate career and become a speaker to help people to work at becoming their Absolute Best Version of Themselves, I spent a lot of my time reading books and attending presentations by motivational speakers.     

     Zig Ziglar—1926-2020

One such motivational speaker was Zig Ziglar, an “Amazing” guy from Texas whom I was very strongly influenced by.  I had read several of his books and when I learned he was going to be in Toronto to make a presentation, I immediately bought a ticket to attend.
What I loved most about Zig was that his messages were so very down-to-earth and easy to understand.  He spoke and wrote with tremendous authenticity and compassion for his readers and audience.
He also had an incredible sense of humour which he threaded throughout his books and presentations.

So, I am sitting in his audience, getting to finally hear him in person.  About 30 minutes into his presentation, I am so moved by his powerful way of influencing people that I had this idea POP into my head…”One day that will be me on that stage.”
That is what I call “Listening to Yourself!”

When I had that thought, I didn’t know “what day”, and I didn’t have any idea how I could possibly leave my job and become a motivational speaker for a living.  That didn’t matter to me.  I just truly believed at that moment that “One day” that would be me and I never let go of that thought, even though I didn’t have a clue how I was going to be able to accomplish that.

Have you ever had a thought or idea come to you, out of the blue, about some new possibility for your life?  You become excited about it but then perhaps think further about it, analyse it, and come to the conclusion that it’s just “wishful thinking” on your part, and tell yourself that you just don’t have what it would take to accomplish that?

Can you even begin to imagine how many great ideas for people’s lives simply,
“died on the vine”, because they didn’t have enough belief in themselves and couldn’t imagine themselves being capable of actually make those ideas a reality?

I have learned that by Listening to Myself (whatever that means), I get great ideas for my life.  I have also learned to TRUST that intuition or gut feeling and realize that those ideas are there for a reason.

It is so easy to discount them, pass them off as some weird fantasy and get back to what we already know, have and are.  Or, as a lot of people might think, “Get back to reality!”  This statement is a sure-fire way to not take any responsibility for these crazy ideas that come to you or I.

News Flash…Each of us creates our own reality!!!

As a matter of fact, the day I told my colleagues I worked with in the corporate world, where I spend 20 years of my life, several of them said,
“Are you crazy?”  That, by the way is how I knew it was a Great idea.  I often tell my audiences that if everybody believes in a new idea you have for yourself; it probably isn’t really such a Great idea.  Oh yes, and a few of my friends suggested I “get real.”

So, I did!
I created a new Reality for myself and have now been “Livin’ the dream” of doing what I was born to do, for 34 years now!

In the early days, I never would have dreamed of having had the ability to be invited by so many different organizations to deliver my message. Check it out for yourself…My client list.

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