Bob’s Presentation Topics

Bob, you gave me so much energy – loved your presentation, and your sense of humour! You are infectious!”

Bob’s presentation was entertaining, uplifting and most of all, “Refreshingly Different” in its simplicity.  I have heard many terrific speakers, but none have managed to leave me with so many nuggets of ideas I can actually use.


…Having the Wisdom to make looking after YOUR
Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness a PRIORITY!
(Not a “something I’ll do when I get time-excuse”)

Extraordinary Wellness in not simply the absence of illness.
It’s a commitment to living a life with vitality and a passion for what you do.

Our mental and emotional wellness can have a positive or negative effect on every important part of our lives; our physical well-being, how we do our jobs, the quality of our relationships, our ability to deal with difficulties and challenges; our overall enjoyment of life. Our mental and emotional state of mind impacts the people around us.

IT is not enough that people say they understand the importance of looking after their Wellness.  They need to have and use tools and strategies that will help them to make it a sustainable part of how they live their life.

In this session people will learn Practices they can put into their lives that will help them to elevate their levels of resilience, personal energy and have a positive outlook about their jobs and personal lives, no matter how challenging things might become.

They will learn:
How to become a RESPONDER and never a REACTOR to difficult people and situations at work and in your personal life.

How to eliminate unhealthy and unnecessary stressors.

How to stay RESILIENT and energized in spite of all the challenges and time pressures associated with your job and personal life.

Newsflash!  Your emotions don’t OWN YOU.  You OWN THEM.

The power of accepting the fact that life is and always will be, Difficult and Not Fair.
How to never let Difficulties and Unfairness cause you stress, worry or anxiety-ever!
How to incorporate the principle of “There are only two things in life–
RESULTS or EXCUSES, into how you live your life.
How to never become a VICTIM of negative situations caused by others.

Why and how to never settle for being nothing less than Extraordinary at what you do and who you are.  Why and how to believe that every job you ever have, is the BEST job you ever had.

How to effectively deal with those times you can feel “Over-whelmed”.

Understand how our commitment to looking after ourselves, mentally, emotionally,
and physically impacts every important part of our lives including the quality of our relationship with others.

Developing Your
Extraordinary Edge

If we did all of the things, we are actually capable of doing we would literally ASTOUND ourselves.

Thomas Edison

When was the last time you ASTOUNDED yourself?

There are two ways you can go through life:  like most other people-Ordinary, OR in your own unique way-Extraordinary! Developing your “Extraordinary Edge” is about re-gaining a strong sense of WHO YOU ARE and how absolutely capable you are of living an Extraordinary Life!

Your “Extraordinary Edge” is something that can make the difference between mediocrity or mastery; average or excellence; struggle or triumph, wining or losing.

Your “Extraordinary Edge” has almost nothing to do with your I.Q., number of diplomas or degrees, your net worth, or the kind of work you do.  Everyone has the capacity to develop it, but very few do.  Have you developed yours?

During this session you will learn the value of and how to:

  • be “Extraordinary” at what you do and WHO YOU BECOME!
    -Believe that every job you ever have is the Absolute Best job you ever had.
  • Be an Owner and never a Victim of life’s difficulties.
  • Never require other people’s approval to be who you are.
  • Believe you are INVINCIBLE.
  • re-establish how “Amazing” you really are and always will be.
  • Live your life by Design, never by Default.

“How you live your life each day is the Legacy you leave the rest of the world.
Make yours Inspiring and Extraordinary!”
    -Bob Koehler

Creating and Sustaining
a “Get To” Culture

It’s about creating a work environment where people “Want to” be, not “Have to” be.

1. The primary focus of this session is to help people to “GET IT”.
It helps people to see the personal connection that HOW THEY PERFORM IN THEIR JOB IMPACTS THEM and EVERY IMPORTANT PART of THEIR PERSONAL LIFE.

2.  It teaches the value and benefit of TAKING OWNERSHIP of their JOB and their LIFE.  It helps people to see the personal value and benefits of TAKING 100% RESPONSIBILITY for the outcomes in their job and their life. They will learn how making excuses and blaming other people or circumstances wastes their energy and effort and works against them.

3.  It gives them the simple, “Power Principles”, Tools, and “Power Practices” they can apply in their job and their life to achieve a better way of doing what they do so they can achieve more consistent levels of “EXTRAORDINARY”
“An organization is only as good as the collective mind-set
of the people who show up for work each day.”

Two weeks after Bob’s session with our staff, people are still talking about his presentation. Most people often forget what was said after they leave the lecture hall.  I have since heard a lot of people tell other staff they are “Amazing” or ”Extraordinary”

When The Going Gets Tough
The Tough Get…

You are bigger and better than any challenge life will ever throw at you.

Bob Koehler

Difficulties, problems and challenges come with the territory of Living.  Whether it’s in our jobs or in our personal lives, we will always have circumstances and situations that will get in our way of having life the way we really want it to be.

When we understand how absolutely capable we are of handling the “stuff” that life throws at us, we spend far less time muddling in unwanted circumstances and we move ourselves back into “Extraordinary” mode, where we belong.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  •  to appreciate just how “Extraordinary” you really are.
  • how to develop resiliency skills and techniques that will help you to deal with difficulties and challenges, more effectively.
  • daily practices that keep you “in shape”, mentally and emotionally.
  • How to OWN YOUR LIFE, so you are NEVER a VICTIM of circumstances or other people.
  • how many of our challenges are actually opportunities to become more of our Absolute Best Version of Ourselves.
  • how to work on making and keeping your life…. “Extraordinary”
  • how to be a “Get To” person in a “Have To” world.
    Life is difficult and Not Fair!  To have an “Extraordinary” life we need to learn how to successfully DEAL with the “Stuff” of life. –Bob



I came to your session today hurting from a personal issue.  I am leaving with a lesser weight and a hopeful feeling!  Thank You!

Customer Service

This session is Enlightening, Engaging, Energizing, Fun and “Refreshingly Different”

From my experience, I find that a lot of organizations waste a lot of time, effort and money on what I call “traditional” customer service training programs. This is not your “typical” staff training session on customer service. As a matter of fact, it is NOT a training session. It is my belief that we “train animals”, but we “develop” people.

The essence of Customer Service is the quality of the “Experiences” every staff member delivers to every customer, every day. The quality of service customers receive on a daily basis is only as good as the quality of the people who show up for work each day.

People in organizations of any kind, don’t consistently deliver positive customer experiences because they are “told to” or because it’s on page 42 of the employee manual. They do it because they see how they personally benefit from doing so. It takes having people who believe the work they do, “Makes a Difference.”

During this session, your staff will learn:

  1. How their perception of their job positively or negatively impacts every important part of their personal life including their relationships, their mental, emotional, and physical health, their financial wellness and their overall enjoyment of life. If people don’t see this connection, it is highly unlikely they will ever be great at consistently delivering “Extraordinary” service to the people they serve each day.

  2. In a team discussion staff will be asked to give their input as to what kind of things get in their way of viewing their job as something they “Get To” do, rather than “Have To” do. We will then be discussing how to successfully deal with those things that get in their way.

  3. In a team discussion Staff will be given the opportunity to contribute their ideas on ways we can do things better or differently to more consistently provide “Extraordinary” Customer experiences. They will also learn a number of ways they can more consistently create positive customer experiences when doing their job.

  4. Staff will learn a number of valuable strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations that they can use in their work and personal lives.
    egs: How to “respond” to difficult people rather than “react”. How to not take things personally, and never let your ego get in the way. How to positively handle situations where someone may use inappropriate language, (profanity).

  5. Your staff will find the things they learn at these sessions to be meaningful and relevant not only in their jobs but also in their personal lives.


I was very hesitant about spending this afternoon listening to a speaker. I do not feel that way after your session.
I am leaving this day feeling Amazing!

I was touched by the participants connection to you; they were attentive, receptive and responsive to your message.

Bob, your presentation was Moving.  It moved my perception, my outlook, my approach and most importantly my expectations! I will do my best each day to carry on your message.

Making the Human Side of Leadership, a Priority.

The greatest influence you have on others as a Leader, is the kind of person you have Chosen to become.

 Some of the things Participants will learn:

  • Life Changing Turning Points.  A highly effective process for improving ourselves and our lives. A process for becoming an Authentic and Effective Mentor.
  • Sharing Best Practices and Processes that you can incorporate into your daily activities that will help you to reinforce the Human side of Management and in doing so, positively impact staff well-being.  
  • What it means to be a Full-time, Life-Long Validator. Understanding the significance of the Human Side of Everyday Life.
  • Overcoming unconscious discrimination.
  • How to empower staff to become their own solutions.
    To take responsibility for their own morale.
  • Embracing and valuing the differences in others.
  • What it means to be an Authentic Leader and Practices to make it a part of how you do what you do.
  • Understanding and seeing the Value and Benefits of Investing more time in relationship-building with staff.         


Absolutely fabulous. You would do wonders with our staff to become more motivated as they are all great but don’t know it. I will do my best to acknowledge this with them, daily.