Talk to Bob

I always love to hear people’s personal stories about their successes and positive changes they have made in their lives.
I also enjoy hearing about challenges and difficulties that people have overcome in order to continue living the Extraordinary life they are so worthy and capable of living.

So, Talk to me–what’s your story?

“…we had one of our best meetings ever”


“The Energy level you set in the morning continued into the afternoon and we had one of our best meetings ever.  I wish we would have had you for another 3 hours.  I will highly recommend this workshop to other colleagues on and off campus.”

Rocco Piro Manager Humanities Media and Computing McMaster University

Bob’s presentation was entertaining, uplifting and most of all, “Refreshingly Different” in its simplicity. I have heard many terrific speakers but none have managed to leave me with so many nuggets of ideas I can actually use.”

“In the 25 years I have worked here, this session was the best I have ever attended.”

“The presentation was way too short. I could have listened to you all day! Thanks for the wonderful “words of wisdom” you gave to me today.”

"Thanks for your valuable insights. I have a lot of personal things going on in my life, but I will start looking at the positive ways to deal with them.”

“This session happened at a time in my life that I needed it most. Thank You! Best staff session I have ever attended.”

“Your presentation really touched my emotions. I almost cried! I realize that life is tough but it’s our own choice to enjoy life at its best.”

“Absolutely fantastic—I learned I am on the right track but still have far to go. I look forward to becoming one of those people others want to become or just be around.”

“The most important thing I learned was to stop being a Victim and take ownership of my life.”

“I was very hesitant about spending this afternoon listening to a speaker. I do not feel that way after your session, I am leaving this day feeling “Amazing’”

“Bob, when I first came to your session, I honestly thought it would be a huge waste of my time. Thanks for proving me wrong.”

“I came here today hurting from a personal issue. I am leaving with a lesser weight and a hopeful feeling. Thank you!”

"Bob, thank you for not being one of those boring speakers. I loved being able to laugh out loud with the people I work with."

“Every minute of our time in this session was filled with honest, real and very useable actions to apply to living, loving and working."

“Bob doesn’t just talk about the subject, he puts life into it.”

“…uplifting and motivational.”

“I have personally attended several seminars over the years and your session was equal to the master motivator Zig Ziglar.  Your message was uplifting and motivational.”

Kimberly Miller Enbridge

“…the best speaker I have heard in many years.”

“You were passionate, entertaining, energizing and practical.  Most importantly your message was relevant to everyone in the room.  Our Executive Vice-President said, “Bob Koehler is the best speaker I have heard in many years.”

Mike G. Sampson The Great-West Life Assurance Company


“I was making plans how to change my life the whole time you were speaking. I need to read and re-read and have a daily dose of Bob!”

Karen Talk Attendee