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I was away on a business trip doing several staff training sessions for an organization and my sessions started early in the morning so I travelled to the city the night before and stayed in a nearby hotel.

In the morning I got up and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. On my way back up to my room from the restaurant, I got on the elevator and at the same time one of the hotel staff members got on the same elevator.

This woman had a cart full of linens so I figured she was a member of the housekeeping staff.  As the elevator door closed I looked at this woman (noticed her name badge) and in a friendly, sincere voice I said. “And how are you today DOREEN?”  The woman initially looked a little surprised that I knew her name but then quickly realized she had her name badge on.  She smiled. We had a brief pleasant conversation and both got off on the ninth floor.

As I walked away I expressed to her that she have a great day.  She responded by saying to me, “You know Bob” (9 floors and we were already on a first name basis).  “It is people like you who can just make a person’s day.  I said to DOREEN, “Thank you DOREEN for saying that–you have just made my day”. And we both walked our separate ways.

Later on, I went back to my room, packed my bags, got back on the elevator and went to the lobby to check out.  While checking out at the front desk I asked the person at the front desk, “Where would I find Doreen?”

The woman at the front desk said, “Who is Doreen?”  I said, “Doreen who works here in the hotel. I believe she works in Housekeeping and she is one of the most Amazing housekeepers I have met in a long time, and I’d like to see her before I leave the hotel.

This woman did not know who Doreen was and yet she worked in the same business with her.  The front desk clerk said, “Well if she is in Housekeeping she would probably be in the room down the hall by the sign that says “Housekeeping”.  I said, “Thank you very much”, and I went down the hall to find Doreen.


“Whatever you practice, you get good at.
Practice daily, validating other people to let them know they matter.”


I popped my head into the Housekeeping door and I saw Doreen at the other end of the room with a couple of her colleagues.  There was a lot of noise in the room with washers and dryers cleaning hotel linens.

I yelled out to her, “DOREEN”.  She turned around, saw me, yelled, “Bob” came running toward me, and gave me a great big hug.  I said, “Doreen after I met you on the elevator this morning, there was something I wanted to give you.”  I took a gold pin from my lapel which read; “AMAZING” and I pinned it on her smock and I said, “ Doreen, you are an AMAZING person and I wanted you to have this pin to remind you that you are.  DOREEN started to cry because of my gesture, and gave me another big hug and heartwarming, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

WOW—it was a small gesture on my part to express to someone that they had value and worth and what an incredible response.  I wouldn’t doubt that Doreen probably had a pretty good day that day and who knows she may still be wearing that pin on her smock.
I know that when I left that hotel that morning—I felt like a MILLION BUCKS for having gone out of my way to let just one more human being know they MATTERED.

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