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“You don’t need anyone’s approval to be Who You Are!”


I don’t know about you, but I find that sometimes people become way too serious about life, overly concerned about being themselves because of what other people might think.
So, they often end up holding back from who they really are and lose out on a lot of precious moments that end up being mediocre at best, when they could have been Extraordinary and fun.

I encourage people to develop the Daily Practice of going out of their way to find the fun side of everyday things that they do and kick it up a notch, so to speak.  This way we are reminding ourselves and others that life is meant to be enjoyed, and to keep us in tune with the fun side of life.


                                      The Practice I suggest to people is to…

                     “Make the everyday Ordinary, Extraordinary every day.”


Here’s a small example of what I mean.
I love Tim Horton’s coffee and so I usually hit the drive through before I leave town on a trip in the morning. After I place my order, I then say, “And that’s to GO!”  The reaction I get from the staff varies.  Some will laugh because they “get it”. Others will not “get it” or not be in the mood and either think nothing of it or think I am an idiot.  By the way, you and I are only idiots if WE think we are.

“The most important opinion of you is yours”.  This is a great exercise to practice, because it tests you and your ability to be who you are, without being overly concerned with what other people might think, or what mood they might be in.  This essentially means that you give yourself permission to find the fun side of life, without needing everyone else’s approval.


                                 “Don’t be afraid of being Different. 

                             Be afraid of being like everybody else.” 


Ok, back to the Tim Horton’s drive thru…If my wife is with me at the time I do this, I often get a good jab in the ribs from her, and she will say to me, “Why do you do that?” And I’ll say to her, “Because it’s funny!”  And she will say to me, “But not everybody thinks it’s funny!”  And I say, “Well that’s their problem.” And I keep doing it anyway.
How sad is it that people stop doing things that are fun and yet harmless, simply because some people don’t get it.

I look at it this way–how sad is it if we never do anything unless we think the whole world would approve of it?  If we did that, we would still be living in caves.

By the way, when I left a 19 year corporate career 30 years ago to start doing what I love to do to Make a Difference in people’s lives, most of the people at work said I was….Crazy!
That’s how I knew I was onto something really good.
If living your life doing the things you know you were “born” to do, is insane…….
….then call me CRAZY!
By the way, when people call you crazy or weird because of your uniqueness, tell them that you are simply, “Refreshingly Different!”

Have some fun with your own form of being “Constructively Crazy” and email me to let me know some of the “Refreshingly Different” things you do to make the everyday Ordinary…Extraordinary.  Email me at


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