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“We always feel better about ourselves when we leave”

Several years ago I was invited to Winnipeg to make some presentations to the staff of three levels of government.  I was there for two days and met some very “Amazing” people.

After one of my sessions a woman approached me and said, “I really liked your comment about:  “It isn’t WHAT you do, but HOW you do it that matters MOST.”

She then told me her story:
My Mom who died fairly recently spent most of her adult life as a server in a restaurant and she really loved her job.  At my Mom’s funeral I noticed there were quite a number of young people who attended to pay their respects and I didn’t know who they were.  So I approached them and asked them how they knew my Mother.  They said, “We are students at the University of Manitoba and your Mother was a server in the restaurant we frequented often.  Whenever we went there we always tried to sit in her section because whenever we left after spending time with her we felt better about ourselves.  She always had a smile on her face and always had something encouraging and uplifting to say to say to us.


If a server in a restaurant “GETS IT”—what is everybody else’s problem?

It isn’t the job it’s our PERCEPTION of the job.

It’s whether we have the wisdom to understand that there is a huge benefit to ourselves and others when we are able to view HOW we do WHAT we do as “Making a Difference”. This woman was “Amazing”.

By the way, I have told this story to thousands of people who sat in my audiences and because of her story she has served as an inspiration to a lot of people to take another look at HOW they do what they do and perhaps find a way to “Make a Difference.”  She is gone but she is still “Making a Difference”, because of who she decided to be while she was here.

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