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The Power of Simplicity

I mentioned  before that most people are capable of having a more Extraordinary life, but very few actually choose to do so.

I believe that one of the major reasons why so many people “settle for” an ordinary life is because they think and believe that having an “Extraordinary” life is complicated.  But it is not!!

I believe in the Power of Simplicity!

The Power is in the Simplicity.

Having worked in the corporate world for over several decades, something I observed is that organizations and individuals often search for complicated solutions to their challenges and difficulties.

I believe that when concepts are simple and easy to understand there is a greater chance that more people will grasp the concept, or “Get It” so to speak, and therefore make it work for them in their job and their personal life.

The only danger of simplicity is that some people don’t believe that complicated challenges can be solved with simple solutions.

But they can!

In my work with people, encouraging them to become their “Absolute Best” version of themselves and to “choose to live an “Extraordinary” Life, I suggest practices for them to incorporate into their daily living.

You see, the greatest influence on the quality of your life at any time are the daily “practices”, both positive and negative, you have programmed into your life.

This quote sums it up… “Whatever you Practice you get good at.”

Did you know that 90% of our daily thoughts, feelings and practices are driven by our sub-conscious mind?

Each of us programs our subconscious minds through any “repetition of an action.”

And every one of these “repetitions of actions” becomes a habit or practice that puts  our life on automatic pilot.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

We all know how important our health is to our overall quality of life. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you’ve heard it said that “If you don’t have your health…you don’t have anything.”

So even though most people know how important their health is, it is a fact that it is actually a minority of people who look after their health as though it was important.

So here’s how practices work:

Some people wake up in the morning and they think—”Daily Exercise” and then their automatic pilot kicks in and says, “Well I don’t do that. Ok good, I got that out of the way.”

You see some people practice not exercising and so they get really good at it.

On the other hand you have people who wake up in the morning and they have the practice of exercising established. They don’t have to think about it because they automatically do it. It has become part of how they run their life.

Here’s the deal:

The practices I suggest to people in order to add more Extraordinary into their lives are relatively simple and easy to do!

The problem is, they are also just as simple and easy not to do.

The difference between people who live their Best Life and those who don’t, is their belief and commitment to practice simple and easy activities so they become part of their daily life.

The current quality of your life is the sum total of the practices you have chosen to have in your life. Make sure that the practices you have in your daily life are adding more Extraordinary to it.

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