Extraordinary Bob Raising The Bar

Extraordinary Bob Raising The Bar

In my travels across Canada and the U.S., I often come across people who have a job that may not be considered by most people as a Great job, but have had the guts, courage and initiative to raise the bar on “Ordinary.”
Let me give you a recent example of one of my experiences.
I was in Edmonton, Alberta speaking at a conference at the Shaw Centre. On the morning I checked out of the hotel to depart for the airport I hailed a cab just outside the hotel. The driver got out of the cab to assist me with my bags and I was “WOWED”.

The cab driver was dressed in a very expensive looking suit and tie. He was clean shaven except for a meticulously trimmed mustache. This guy looked like he belonged in a board room somewhere. I was impressed.
His manner matched his appearance. He was courteous, helpful, smiling and professional. I got into his cab and it was…spotless.
It had a clean smell to it–it was unlike any cab I have ever been in.
To say the least, I was more than impressed.

Here was a man who understood the concept, “It isn’t WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it that matters most.” He decided to “raise the bar” on what a customer should experience when he/she took a ride in a cab.

I had a long conversation with him on the way to the airport and as I heard his story I knew
I was experiencing something I call, “Refreshingly Different.”

So, here is an example of what I am talking about. People who break the barriers of every day, usual, status quo, and add more value to the lives of others because they have pride in the work they do and are not afraid to stand out and stand up and be Extraordinary at what they do. They are a rare breed and are indeed a welcome experience in a world of ordinary.

I would love to hear about any experiences you have had of people you have met that have had the courage and presence of mind to “Raise the bar on Ordinary!”

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