Extraordinary Bob Make Someones Day

Extraordinary Bob Make Someones Day

If you have ever been to a presentation of mine, you are no doubt familiar with my “Amazing” pins that I had made up several years ago. Over the years I have given away thousands of these pins to acknowledge and validate people from all walks of life.

I usually mention to the people in my audience that if they should be presented with one of my pins during my session, they are to wear it for 30 days, to remind themselves that they are in fact “Amazing”. Then it is their responsibility to find someone either in their workplace or in their personal life to give it to, along with a detailed explanation of WHY they are “Amazing”.

I recently received an email from someone who attended a presentation that I delivered for the organization in which she worked. Here is a copy of the email this woman sent to me, detailing her experience of passing her “Amazing” pin along to someone.

Hello Bob:
“I just had to share the positive impact your “Amazing” pin has made on my team. After wearing it so proudly for a month I carefully analyzed and selected the team member I wanted to recognize. I wrote them a note explaining my choice and packaged the pin up in a special box and gift bag. Well the person who received it came to my office with tears in her eyes and a big hug. She was thrilled and shared with the team that she had the next honours. She has worn that pin every day and so proudly. It’s wonderful because this small pin has created a new tradition and we talk about how amazing we are more openly. It has brought it to the forefront and our confidence has increased to say, “Yes I am amazing”. I always knew my team was amazing–now I see them really believing it for themselves. Thanks for making a Difference!”

No matter who you are, everybody needs to be reminded that they are “Amazing.”
You just never know when a gesture that validates people’s worth and value can make a HUGE difference in their life.!

So, go ahead, “Make someone’s day!”

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