A powerful way to keep yourself positive in challenging times is by understanding the value of “JOURNALING”. This is a process of taking a few moments during the day, (I prefer to Journal at the beginning of each day because it helps me to gain a healthy perspective on my day) to think about what’s going on in your life and writing it down in a book or in a file on your computer.

What you write down is up to you. Nobody is grading you on this exercise. This is YOU doing something for YOU. What a unique concept!
You can write down how things are going for you. I like to write down my successes. I write down in detail what I did and how I felt about it.

I also find that journaling when things are NOT going well is equally as important.
I write down what is NOT working and how I feel about it. This is a great form of personal therapy. So often when things are not going well in our life, we don’t have someone that we can talk to about it and so we let it eat away at us, and stress us because we don’t want others to know that we are not perfect.

Journaling is a way of dealing with things that are on our mind and very often when we express our feelings in writing, we get these things “Off our minds,” and down on paper. By doing this, we admit to ourselves how we feel and this frees us from feeling we are avoiding acknowledging our unwanted feelings. It’s good for the soul.

Something that I also find of great value, is going back after years have gone by and reading some of my journal entries. Very often I look at what I wrote and say to myself, “Wow, I have come such a long way”.

Journaling is a way for you and I to take some emotional snapshots of our life. Without these snapshots we take by journaling, we wouldn’t get to look back at how we thought and how we dealt with things in our earlier years.

I find that just as physical exercise helps me to manage my daily stress, so does Journaling help me to do the same, mentally and emotionally. Get yourself a Journal and start JOURNALING.

Keep your life “Extraordinary”…Because you CAN!

Bob 😊

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