“How are You today?”

Every day, we have many opportunities to elevate our levels of personal energy simply by being conscious of the fact that we get energy by giving it away to others.

One opportunity we typically have every day is when people ask us the question, “How are you doing today?” This is always a great opportunity to reinforce your healthy perspective, by getting into the habit of responding in a positive and energetic way.

First of all, think about the usual, typical responses that people give you when you ask them how they are.  My experience is that the most frequent response is usually “Fine”.  Now “Fine” is “Fine”, but it does not usually exude “energy” or “enthusiasm”.  It’s well, pretty NORMAL.  NORMAL is not exactly something I suggest people shoot for since it is well, NORMAL.

Remember we said we’re shooting for something positive and energetic.

Have you ever run across those people whose response to your “How are you doing question with, “Not Too Bad?”.  Can you imagine measuring your state of well-being in degrees of Bad?  I’m sure you’ve also heard, “OH, I can’t complain.”, and then someone else will respond by saying, “Oh yea, it wouldn’t do you any good anyway.”.  These are people who have given up control of their life and they just figure that life determines what happens, not them.  Lower on the well-being ladder there is also, “Better than nothing.”.  If you observe the body language of the “Better than Nothing” responders, you will notice that they walk rather slowly, or slouch and look down at the ground a lot.

“Whatever you practice, you get good at”

What we practice, often becomes our way of being.  In other words, if you practice using positive and energetic responses, even on a few “off days”, you will probably still respond in a positive way, because you have been practising it for so long.  People who practice low energy and less than enthusiastic greetings, get very good at it.

“Whatever you practice, you get good at”

So, let’s take a look at some potential responses that will reinforce our healthy perspective:  You can be   “Terrific, Fantastic, Great, or even 110%.”

A bit of a warning here.  If people are not accustomed to hearing you use a high energy, enthusiastic response, they will probably react by asking you, “WHY?, “Did you win the lottery?”

How sad is it that if someone uses an above average positive, energetic response that it means that they just won the lottery or something like that?  People who have healthy perspectives on life, have a strong appreciation for the everyday blessings they have.

I highly recommend that you make up your own unique signature response.  One that you feel good about.  I have a friend who usually responds with, “If I was any better, I’d have to be twins.”  Some time ago I asked a woman in one of my client”s offices how she was and she responded with, “If I was any better, I’d cancel my OHIP.” (For people outside of Ontario that is our government health insurance plan.)

Now those responses not only send a positive message, they really get people’s attention AND they usually put a smile on people’s faces, because they are quite unique.

By the way, have you ever noticed if you are having a “Fine” day and all of a sudden you come across someone who is “Fantastic” it gives you an immediate sense that there are other people out there who see things DIFFERENTLY than you?

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