Extraordinary Bob Koehler Myth of Time

If you get a feeling from time to time that there is “Never enough TIME”,  I’ve got news for you…
…there is no such thing.

A valuable principle I have come to understand and apply in my life is that believing there’s never enough time is
NOT a FACT. In fact, it’s FICTION.

There is a strong tendency for people to BLAME the lack of time as to why they feel stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed and not in control of their life, because they are always so BUSY! “BUSY is a Habit/PRACTICE.
So is “Slowing down to the speed of Enjoying Life”

I have news for you—we all get the same 24 hours as everybody else on the planet Earth. Perhaps on other planets people have longer days, and if that is the case, that should probably be the first planet we colonize when we leave earth.
But while we are still Earth Bound we need to face the reality that:
We can’t get MORE time!
BUT we can choose to spend the time we have—DIFFERENTLY & MORE WISELY.
Leaving the most important parts of your life to “When I get time”, is not because your life is so BUSY. It’s simply the result of

Great planning starts with being wise enough to realize that we need to take time out of our overly busy lives and take a look at ways we can use our time more wisely. We need to make sure we prioritize what is really IMPORTANT, rather than always spending our time on what is URGENT. When we put off what’s really Important like looking after our health, or our relationships, it is very likely they will become URGENT!

FEELING we don’t have enough time is Energy Draining.
The less Energy we have—the more stressful life feels to us.
The MORE Energy we have, the more alive we feel—the more we get to ENJOY life on a more consistent basis. And the more creative we are at dealing with our daily challenges.Make an appointment with yourself & Prioritize the things you value MOST!

                                                                     “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”

                  The solution is NOT—doing things FASTER. It’s being SMARTER!

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