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Whenever you start to feel the pressure, tension and stress of being OVERWHELMED….
….STOP being BUSY!
Too often, people just keep plugging away, rather than stopping the action
and coming up with a new plan to deal with the stressful feeling
of being overwhelmed.
Take the time to stop the action—write down all that is ON YOUR MIND!
Get it down on paper! Note: When you get all that BUSYNESS down on paper it literally takes it off your MIND so you can actually THINK!

REFLECT: Look at everything you have written down and ask yourself:
What is the most important use of my time RIGHT NOW?  Write down
everything unfinished thing that is stressing you.

Eliminate what doesn’t need to be done right at this minute.
Make a “Waiting List” for things you want to do but do not really need to be done now.
By knowing you have them on a “waiting list”, your sub-conscious mind will stop nattering at you and making you feel guilty about the stuff you haven’t done.
Make a list of all the activities you do on a daily basis and then a list of all the things your spouse/partner and children do. If your list seems to be longer than there’s—Get them on the TEAM. “What’s gonna work?—TEAMWORK!
Family members need to be a part of the TEAM.
Taking responsibility for activities around the house. Your job is to see that they are ACCOUNTABLE for those activities.
In the case of your business life, consider delegating tasks to others.  Don’t get caught up in the idea that “nobody can do this as well as me.”
People need to be given the opportunity to grow and learn by doing things they’ve never done before–just like you.
In reality, some of the things that were on your mind, don’t even deserve your time or your energy. Seek those out and decide to get rid of them.

I used to be a hard-worker. I have since learned that being a “Smart-worker” is an even better idea.
When we perceive something as “hard” it drains our mental energy. When we perceive something as “Smart”, the very thought energizes us, I mean who doesn’t like to realize that they are SO clever—“Amazing” even?

“Learn the Practice of slowing down to the speed of “Enjoying Life”…..
…..Because you CAN!

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