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I have a client whose Mission Statement is simply, to be so great at how they do what they do, that the people they serve become, “RAVING FANS”.
I am not a big fan of Mission Statements only because many of them are created primarily because “everybody else has one”, and are often crafted by the senior management team who went away on a weekend retreat and came up with this corporate Mission Statement, (without any input from their staff) then when they got back to the office they sent a copy to all the employees, where it was filed or deleted and Bob’s your Uncle!  The purpose of having a Mission statement is to LIVE it.  I have several clients who are very good at doing that.


Power Practices that can change Your LIFE if you are a DOER


My point is, there is no sense in having a Mission Statement if you and everybody in the organization is not going to BUY INTO IT, EMBRACE IT and LIVE it and use it as a guide for everything they do.

So, the reason I love the Mission Statement of “RAVING FANS” is that it is so simple and straight-forward and measurable.  The full intent of the statement is, “we want to do what we do so well that every one of the customers we serve become…“RAVING FANS”.

The client I am referring to, has a staff who have an incredible PASSION for what they do. They truly believe they make a Difference because of HOW they do WHAT they do.  When I had the opportunity to work with them I was very impressed.  I found them to be “Refreshingly Different”.


Choose to be EXCEPTIONAL at HOW you do WHAT you do,

no matter what your job is.


 The business with this mission statement is a FUNERAL HOME!
That’s right, a Funeral Home.  I say, “If people who make it their life’s work helping people to deal with the loss of their loved ones, can make it their mission to be so good at HOW they do what they do, that they have RAVING FANS…

So, how about YOU?  Do you find ways in your job, no matter what it is, to Make a Difference in other people’s lives?  To Make their Day?
It’s simply a matter of Perspective and a CHOICE!

What you CAN DO…
Make an appointment with yourself and think about your job and the many ways that you currently make a difference, or things you could do, in your job that would make a difference.  What are the ways you can encourage and energize others to feel better about themselves, because they spent time with you?
Read your list often and start making these activities a part of HOW you do WHAT you do.

These are things you do always, not just when you think of it or feel like it,
or have the time.  Those are excuses!
When you make this a Daily Practice it will keep you energized and elevate other people’s lives at the same time.  What a concept!

I would love to hear about the successes and challenges you will have by acting on these ideas.  You can email me at

Keep Extraordinary!

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