Extraordinary Bob Time of your life

Extraordinary Bob Time of your life

IT’S TIME you took the TIME to evaluate how you use the TIME of your LIFE!
Time is not a matter of quantity.
It’s a matter of HOW you choose to USE it.
We need to pull back and take a look at how our current Daily Practices are in relation to using our time wisely and in a way that adds enjoyment and meaning to our lives.Are you making time for what is really important or are you focused on what is urgent regardless of its level of importance?
Use of our time is about managing it so we are not majoring in minors and not even realizing it.
“You are of so much more value to others, only when you have the wisdom to take the time to look after yourself.”

We need to ask ourselves if our current usage of time reflects the importance of our core values we live our lives by.
When we leave important usages of time to “when we get time”—we need to fix that, because if we do that, things that are important will likely become urgent. Examples, our health, taking me time, taking time to relax, taking family time, etc.
       Waiting until you “get the time” to do the things that are really important to you, is a dumb idea.

Critically Important uses of your time:
Look after yourself. Take time for YOU; Take time for fun and relaxation.
Take time to work “ON” your life, not just “IN” it.
Take time to become the Absolute Best Version of yourself.

Take time to SHARPEN YOUR SAW—meaning to take time to re-energize yourself. It’s a critical use of your time.
When you have the wisdom to make time to look after YOU, you will have a far greater and more positive impact on others. After all, consider this,
“The most important part of our lives is “How We Make A Difference”      in the Lives of Others.”
It’s what makes our lives matter and makes them worthwhile.

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