In my work as a professional speaker and presenter, it is important that I connect with my audiences in such a way that they can relate to my subject matter and believe that my message has some personal value to them.

I find it valuable in my openings, to talk in terms of something that is down to earth that most people in my audience have in common. It is usually something they can relate to in such a way that it prompts people to say to themselves, “Now isn’t that the truth”.

Something that most people have in common is… waking up in the morning, which I think you will agree is a good thing to do, considering the alternative!

We have all had those days when we wake up in the morning, and we jump out of bed, with energy, excitement, passion and conviction, and we say to ourselves: “It’s a great day to be alive!”

And if you are currently working for a living,  rather than already being “independently wealthy” when you think about your job first thing in the morning, you also say to yourself, “Today I “Get To” go to work, because I love my job and I know I make a difference in the work that I do.”

A good question to ask yourself at this point would be, “When was the last morning this happened to me?” and “How frequently does this happen in my life?”

You see, It isn’t whether it happens- it is the frequency with which it happens that is important.

When you choose “Extraordinary”, having an energetic outlook on your job and your life is your usual.  It’s a daily practice you have developed.

Let’s call this kind of morning wakeup, a “Category A”

The other thing we all have in common is waking up in the morning and not jumping out of bed with energy, excitement and passion and we don’t really feel like saying, “It’s a great day to be alive.”  When we think about our job we might say, “Today I “Have To” go to work”, because we don’t see the connection and significance of “Making a Difference” in the work we do.

Let’s call this second type of wake up scenario a “Category B”

If people had a choice, which do you think they would prefer to have more consistently, Category “A” or Category “B” mornings?

Every audience I present this question to tells me that Category A would be their wake up of choice.  They also tell me that they believe it is definitely a minority of adults who actually experience a majority of Category A mornings.

I’m so glad you are continuing to read and listen to these inspirational messages on how to add more Extraordinary to your life.

The messages are all designed to help you gain a healthier perception about yourself and your life and  to learn how simple it is to choose do more jumping and less dragging in your life.

See you next time. And until then remember this: Life is brief. Choose to make yours Extraordinary.