As you probably already know my mission in the work I do is to encourage and help people to refuse to settle for an ordinary, or mediocre life and to choose to make their lives, nothing less than…extraordinary.

And by extraordinary, I’m talking about getting and consistently living the life you are actually worthy and capable of having.

Did you know that it is actually a majority of adults in this country who settle or a life that is less than the one they are worthy and capable of having?

I believe that one of the reasons why it is a majority of people who settle for less, is because: they simply don’t believe they are capable or worthy of having an extraordinary life.

I think Henry Ford’s famous quote, pretty much says it all…

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t—you are always right!”

Based on that quote—you want to make sure of what you are right about.

Here is why I so strongly believe that in fact a majority, and not a minority of people are capable of living an extraordinary life.

This, I am told is a typical iceberg.Photo of an iceberg with the text Because You Can!

Scientists tell us that an iceberg has only about 10% visible above the water line, leaving 90% hidden below the water.

Similarly, psychologists tell us that the average person in their lifetime only uses about 10% of their actual potential and capabilities. That means if you are say, even 100% better than the average person of using what you are capable of, then you are using a whopping 20% of your capabilities.

It also means (some quick math here), you still have another 80% of untapped potential.

No wonder it is sadly only a minority of people who choose extraordinary.

Thomas Edison said this about untapped human potential:

“If we…(that’s you and me), did all of the things we were actually capable of doing…we would literally…astound ourselves.”

Here’s my question to you:

When was the last time you … astounded yourself?

By that I mean, when was the last time you did something, you were not quite certain you could do…but you did it and then said to yourself—”Wow, I am astounding! I really am so much more capable than I thought I was.”

Keep tuning in to this blog, and I assure you, you will be astounding yourself about how absolutely capable and amazing you are… for many years to come!

See you next week.

In the meantime—remember this…”Your life is happening right now—make yours extraordinary!”