When difficult situations arise in your life, do you Practice being a VICTIM or an OWNER?

Several years ago I received a session evaluation at the end of one of my presentations which read:

“I walked into this session today after complaining all day to anyone who would listen about how lousy my job is and in fact, just yesterday I sent resumes out to get into a new line of work.  I can honestly say I am seriously now going to look at how I can make myself happy in my current job. This has been truly uplifting.”

WOW!  In one hour and 15 minutes of my session, this person went from being a VICTIM to becoming an OWNER.

“Change your Perception and you change your life.”

It amazed me to think that during a 75 minute session this person would draw the conclusion that they really needed to reassess their perspective about their job rather than just QUIT it and move on.  Can you imagine how many people there are in this country who go to work every day, and sort of just put up with their job, because they have let their perspective distort the fact that their job is important and what they do is invaluable?

As a result of that same event, I had someone a week after that presentation, email me a note and thank me for my presentation because she was reminded of why she had chosen to be in that profession.

I think it happens to the vast majority of people.  We lose our healthy perspective about our jobs.  When we do, we tend to spiral into a “have to” attitude about what we do, and it is reflected in our performance.

Many organizations hire me to come in and do a presentation to help people renew their perspective about their jobs and how important they are.  When I make my presentation on that subject, I make it very clear to everyone that THEY, INDIVIDUALLY ARE RESPONSIBLE for keeping a HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE about their jobs.

It is our job as individuals to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves excited about what it is that we do.  Too often the difficulties and challenges that come with any job take away from that excitement.  Remember always, “It isn’t WHAT you do but HOW you do it that is most important.”  By renewing the WHY you do what you do you improve the HOW!

Take your job and…………….LOVE IT!

Or get out and get one you CAN love, ‘cause life is way too short.”