“People who choose “Extraordinary” are “Get To” People Living in a “Have To” world.

One very powerful practice I have learned and have included in my definition of an “Extraordinary” life is:

Choosing to have more “Get To’s” in my life and fewer “Have To’s”.

Here’s how this works. Every day in everything that we do, we either view every activity we do as…. something we “Get To” do or something we “Have To” do.

I have learned that it isn’t the activity that makes it one way or the other—it is my perception of the activity that makes it that way.

In most instances, our perceptual choice of an activity either as being a “Have To” or “Get To” one, is an automatic response based on our habits and practices.

So, let’s look at why this distinction is so important.

When we view any activity that we believe we “Have To” do, it typically is not viewed as something we like to do. It is more apt to be viewed as something we don’t like to do, but have to do,  like an obligation if you will.

Some examples of that might be, putting out the garbage, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, cleaning out the garage, making meals, visiting your mother-in-law, paying bills, and the list goes on.

A common characteristic of “Have To’s” is – they drain our energy.

Anything that drains our energy also adds stress to our life.

If we are not looking forward to something, it can be energy draining, just like some of the tasks I mentioned above.

On the other hand, activities that we “Get To” do typically elevate our energy.  Activities that might fall into the “Get To” category are weekends, visiting friends, going out for dinner, a vacation, spending time with people you enjoy, reading a book, or engaging in any activity that you look forward to doing.

So, here’s a breakthrough idea for you!

Convert your current “Have To” view of activities into “Get To” views.

I look at it this way. If you are going to do something anyway, why not view it as a “Get To”.

For example, when I pay my bills, I say to myself, “I Get To” pay my bills.

The first time that you do this, it may make you laugh, because it seems so not normal.

After a while you will feel wiser that you are able to take most people’s “Have To’s” and convert them to “Get To’s”.

This is all about making a shift in your perception of your activities.  For example, to help you “Get To” pay your utility bills, try thinking of the millions of people in this world who don’t even have a roof over their head so they don’t have utility bills. I doubt you would trade your lifestyle for theirs. So looking at it that way, it is a lot easier to appreciate the fact that you do in fact “Get To” pay your utility bills.

Now, this part is really important.  If you start to make this kind of conversion of “Have To’s” to “Get To’s, do not tell other people that you now “Get To” pay your bills, because they will probably want to lock you up!

Yes, it sounds like a crazy idea, but it works!

So, here’s a worthwhile project for you.

Take a few moments and make a list of some of the activities you have in your daily life that you currently view as “Have To” activities.

Take just one of them and the next time you do it, say to yourself, I “Get To”… (name of activity) then put a smile on your face and “Get To” do it.  You will astound yourself in the process.

Make it a Practice—and you will become really good at it. You will elevate and energize your life…. one practice at a time.